what is a processor


Processor is the heart of the micro computer i,e Laptop ,Desktop, iPad and Mobile Phones. This processor is made up of IC’s ,Means Integrated Circuits. Which involves micro processor not micro controller.

Example : Intel Pentium processor ,AMD processor .


The processor has mainly two types RISC and CISC .


RISC stands for Reduces Instruction Set Computer , the definition is as follows, RISC is a instruction set is type of instruction set ,which has fewer instruction and cycles compared to other type(CISC).

Example :SUN ultraspark processor uses the RISC architecture.


CISC stands for complex instruction set computer , which has more instruction set compared to RISC. A single instruction in CISC can able to execute more than one small operation. More than one addressing modes can be used in a single instruction compare to RISC.

Example : PDP 11 and VAX architecture .

Why we require Processor?

As specified in the beginning of the paragraph, Processor plays a vital part in any electronic devices like laptop or desktop machines . Each and ever operation in the computer should be executed by processor. The computer price depends mainly speed of the execution of instruction. For faster execution ,we need the processor of higher capability. Hence processor had big impact on today computer evolution.

Compared to olden processor ,now we are coming with high quality processor, which involve more than one core like dual core, quad core and octavos core. Since it is not possible to increase the inside a single core , the researchers came up with adding more than core . This is the main reason behind the faster execution of complex instruction for any handheld electronic devices.

With the help of multi core processor, we can able to build complex application and software which solve many real world problems.

Example : In artificial intelligence , Industry 4.0 . like cyber physical system , we are using the high capacity processor to solve complex instruction.

Now we are switching towards GPU (Graphical Processing units) for high computing capabilities. The GPU’s are mainly used for graphics processing application ,we support this by adding separately to the CPU through PCI slots in the mother board.

Example: GPU are mainly used for playing the games , if there is a gaming PC , then GPU is mandatory in those PC.


Overall the processor is the most significant part in the computer helps the user to executes it’s instruction (CPU) like kernel ,Processor co ordinates all the functions of a computer . More information will be provided in the future post.

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