Hyperlink in HTML

Hyperlink in the HTML and it’s Usage


What is a hyperlink

An hyperlink is a common term in HTML or in any markup language , the detailed meaning and usage of hyperlink is given below.

An hyperlink is a link ,which is used to navigate to any document or any multimedia content . How to create hyperlink and usage is given in the following paragraphs.


In html , an hyper link is created by using the anchor tag known as <a href …./> , the syntax of creating anchor tag is given below.

syntax of anchor tag:
< a href =”path of the document to be displayed” >Name </a>.

Name : corresponds to the link name ,which is distinguished by the underline.

Types of links

Inline links

An inline link displays remote content without the need for embedding the content. The remote content can be accessed through with or without the help of the link.


It is type of link ,used to specify some part of the document.


A fat link is also called multivalued link , is a hyperlink leads to multiple endpoints.

Working of Hyperlink in HTML

In html, the hyperlink has a different role means as you click on the link, it is converted into a URL, this may be pointed to a document or different web page. The creation of hyperlink is already shown at the beginning of the document.

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