router vs access points

Router Vs Access Points

Router Vs Access Points


In today’s world , the Internet is becoming one of the inevitable resources for the information ,which may be needed by a professional or other person. In this article , I will discuss the two technologies used to get the internet in house or office .


What is Router ?

Router acts like a traffic police controller in the computer network. It directs the packet which is coming from many different sources to different destinations depending on the routing information provided by the routing algorithms. The routing algorithms may be static or dynamic .  For the set up of a Net gear router ,click here.


We have two categories in router , wired and wireless . Wired router is very rarely used in public or private networks nowadays, but the wireless router has created a revolution in the internet industry , now it is more popular in house or office usage.We have different types of router edge router and core router . we will look into  one by one.


What is an edge router ?

Edge router is a type of router , one interface of it, connects to core router one side and other interface connects to other  devices in the network.

What is a core router?

Core router offers packet forwarding between other core and edge routers.

Next we move on to Access Points (WAP).

We start with discussing the meaning of WAP  and it’s working nature.


What is Access Point?

It is another networking device , which acts like an independent device or part of a router.

Like WAP , just now I discussed it in the above paragraph .

       The reason to use the WAP is :

  1. If a device doesn’t have an inbuilt wi-fi connection , WAP allows the device to connect to the router.We can connect a scanner or printer through these WAP to be accessed by other devices. 
  2. It can be used as a wi-fi range extender , which means we can increase the wi-fi network coverage area ,thereby enabling more devices to connect the router for accessing the internet.

Next we come for the main part of this article , i,e the difference .

What is the difference between Router and Access points?

Role played by router

  • Router 
  • Switch
  • Access Point
  • DNS server
  • DHCP server


Role played by WAP

  • Access point 
  • Bridge
  • Repeater
  • Wireless client
  • Multi SSID.

A router can acts like a WAP but not an access point acts like a router.

This is the main difference between those two.


  1. Router and WAP commonly used in many different public networks to provide the internet access to large areas for connecting the multiple devices.

We will continue the discussion on this further about the working principles behind them.


Working principle of Router in the computer Network

We cannot explain the working principle of the router in a few paragraphs , but I tried to convey the information as simply as possible.

As explained in the beginning of this post , the router forwards the packet from source to destination by observing the destination address in the packet , the router is connected to many devices for efficient data transfer , in one word , router acts like a traffic controller in the computer networking , it has routing table ,which holds the  source and destination and path address to all packets ,the data in the routing table changes frequently as data update in the network.

Working Principle of Access point.

A router itself acts as a wireless access point but vice versa is not possible. 

It is a connecting device ,enabling the devices to connect to the network ,as we stated earlier ,it increases the network coverage area for any device .


Overall both router and access point are very important concepts in the computer network, in this article we discussed meaning and difference between those two ,please provide the suggestion to improve the article.

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