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What is Python JSON parsing the data ?

Python is one of the amazing scripting languages ,which offer a variety of features , among them parsing  with JSON is one of the crucial features of python. 

Are you worried about python  json parsing  ? then you will get a proper answer in this article. 

First let us know ,

What is JSON script? Is it related to Java Script?

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)is a way to format data as single human readable string .

Yes ,it is related to JavaScript. But it is not mandatory to understand the Java Script to know about JSON.

 If you have little knowledge about using the Java Script or Live Script , it will be an added advantage.

JSON works like pyprint () of python .

How python json parsing is carried out?

Of Course python offer a module known as json to work efficiently with JSON data , but we need to check whether json module is installed in the current python software installed. 

The simple way to check this is by using the import statement.

>>>import python .

This command return silently if json module is installed otherwise it flags the error for installation . 

You can use the PIP command for the installation of the module.

Once clarified regarding the json module installation , then we move on to the python working with json script.

Python json module have to 2 methods to work efficiently with JSON data.

  1. load()
  2. dumps().

Python works with JSON by converting it into dictionary format data , meaning the data which is present in JSON format will be  converted into a python dictionary before performing any operations.

Once the data is converted into dictionary format, it can be used for further processing . means all operations of the dictionary can be applied on those data.

Reading the JSON data

The following example illustrate this :

First we load the load the JSON data into a temporary variable .

Then import the json module.

Call the loads() method of json module to load the JSON format data into python dictionary variable.

Then print the python dictionary variable to see the converted JSON data.

					stringOfJsonData = '{"name": "Zophie", "isCat": true, "miceCaught": 0, "felineIQ": null}'
  import json
 jsonDataAsPythonValue = json.loads(stringOfJsonData)

Let us type the above command  and see the output in the following image.

Reading the JSON data

In that output ,you can able to see the output in the form dictionary values like key value pair.

How to write the value to JSON format?

Next we look forward for the writing the data into JSON format.

The dumps() will do the job of this task , The code to implement is as follows:

					>>>pythonValue = {'isCat': True, 'miceCaught': 0, 'name': 'Zophie', 'felineIQ': None}
 >>>import json
 >>>string JsonData = json.dumps(pythonValue)


‘{“isCat”: true, “felineIQ”: null, “miceCaught”: 0, “name”: “Zophie” }’ 

We need to follow  the same instruction ,which are specified in the above steps :

First we load the  data into a temporary variable .

Then import the json module.

Call the dumps() method of the json module to load the data into python JSON format .

Then print the variable to see the data in  JSON format.

The following image illustrate this :

Write to JSON

Final Thoughts

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