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New Meeting App :Jio Meet

Jio Meet Introduction

Jio meet is the newly launched video conferencing platform introduced by JIO recently , It gives a tough competition to zoom and google meet ,Both are explained in my previous post , please have a look on those ,who didn’t aware of it. The jio meet tutorial in 2020 will give the complete usage guide for jiomeet.

In this post , I want you to aware of this new meeting platform ,which clearly outperforms other meeting tools in terms of meeting length and number of participants.


  • It does not have 40 Minutes constraint like in other platform.
  • Unlimited participants can  log in.
  • Easy User Interface ,can be understood by non IT peoples.
  • Gives a remainder message before 15 minutes of meeting starts.

How to use Jio meet?

The usage of jio meet starts with installing the application from android play store in mobile ,in laptop , you can directly start in the browser.

Let us see this process one by one.

Step 1 : Search the JIO meet in google , it will give you lot of results ,just click on the bio meet application.

Jio meet Home page

Jio meet

The above screen is the home page of Jio meet, once you finished the sign up process by using mobile number or email ,you can directly login to the app.

How to start a meeting

Once you finished the log in process , you an click on the plan a meeting in the  navigation menu , it will take you to another interface , in which you can schedule and set the setting for the meeting like audio or video for the host or participants, all these process will be shown in the following images .

Meet schedule

The above two picture depicts the meeting creation and setting for meeting in jiomeet.

How to invite for the meeting

We can invite to jiomeeting by sending the invitation through link or message template from the jiomeet, the sample template is shown below :

JioMeet Invitation

You can share above information through any social media to invite the peoples for the meeting.


So this all the new jiomeet application usage guide for the new people, please give your suggestion and comments about the post.

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