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How to remove hyperlink in excel

What is a hyperlink?

Before understating how to remove hyperlink in excel , first we need to understand the meaning of hyperlink, you can click here to understand hyperlink.


Excel is a office tool ,which is very popular in calculations and table creation . We can include information of a persons or place in the excel sheets , when collecting the information from user like e mail and website address , the tool will automatically add the hyperlink to those.

In this post I will be discussing , how to disable those types of links , how to edit or modify in single or in bulk.

How to remove hyperlink in a excel
Excel book containing the Hyperlink

The excel ,it may be from Microsoft ,google or any other company , the features will remain same but the way of representation will be different .

Removing the individual link.

First ,we will try to remove the hyperlink from the single cell, the following image will depict this. First we need to select the cell ,then right click and select the remove hyperlink ,then automatically the hyperlink will be removed. This is the first and easiest step .Follow the steps one after the other to complete the process.

Right click to remove hyperlink

Click on last option Remove Hyperlink, then it will remove the hyperlink, afterwards ,the cell looks like.

Editing the link

The excel book provide the other feature known as editing or modifying the link , the following images describe the step by step procedure to do that .

Option for editing the hyperlink

First click on the cell ,you want edit and right click in the mouse ,will leads to a pop up menu ,select the edit hyperlink option and you can modify or remove ,whatever you want .

Group Hyperlink Removal

This is the special case ,in which we try to remove the hyperlink in a single shot on more than one cell or use ctrl+A command , it can be implemented by following steps provided in the image description .

First select the group of blocks or cells to remove hyperlink.

Right click on selected area

Click on the upper left corner to select all the cells in a group, and right click will open a pop up window, which provide a option to remove the hyperlink in a single shot or use (Ctrl+shift+F9).

After removing Group Hyperlink

The above tasks we are following since excel will automatically add the link as we enter the information ,we can disable this option, so it will make us more productive in the hyperlink insertion in excel sheets.

please follow the following procedure to complete the above said procedure.

Automatic disabling of the hyperlink

Select the  ‘File’ in the top left corner of the screen. Then click on ‘Options’. Find and select ‘Proofing’ and click on ‘AutoCorrect Options’.

Select the tab ‘AutoFormat As You Type’ and identify the selected check box ‘Internet and network paths with hyperlinks’. Unselect this option and Excel book will disable the automatic insertion of hyperlinks in excel books.

Once you selected above choices , press ok and let the changes will affect for the document.

The above said procedure may differ from one version of excel to another, in the following paragraph ,we gad given the steps to complete automatic disabling in different versions of Microsoft excel books.

  1. In Office 2010 and later versions : Select  File > Options > Proofing.(In MS Outlook, Click  On File > Options > Mail > Editor Options > Proofing.)
  2. In Office 2007:Click the Microsoft Office icon button, and then click Options > Proofing.(In MS Outlook, open a new message, click the Microsoft Office icon button, and then click on Editor Options > Proofing.)
  3. Click AutoCorrect Options, and then click the AutoFormat As You Type tab.
  4. Uncheck the Internet and network paths with hyperlinks check box.

The above said procedure will applicable for Microsoft Excel workbook ,but the procedure will change for google sheets and other excel products.

I will continue update to this post future about procedure for removal of hyperlink in Google sheet.

Thank you for you going through my post , please check my other posts related to the web design and programming problems.

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