How to schedule google meet

Google Meet Tutorial

Google Meet Tutorial and Usage


Google Meet is one of the most popular online  meeting software available in the market today . Which is the best competitor for the other online platform for meeting like goto , Zoom etc. One of the best feature of  the google meet is it is free ,there is no restrictions on the meeting duration ,where as Zoom has 40 min constraints , number of participants can be unlimited, this make the Google meet popular. In this lockdown period , it is extensively used for online teaching and meeting in the industry . In this post I discuss how to schedule  google meet and how to start a google meet.

How to start a google meet

After learning the popularity of Google meet , the next question will be how to Strat google meet.The following screenshot show the step by step procedure to start a google meet.

Step1 : Search google meet in the Google search engine ,you get google meet website, click on that to visit the home page of Meet.

How to schedule google meet

Step2: If you have a meeting code ,you can insert in text box ,or if you want to start a new meeting click on the button to start a session. You can enable video and audio if you want.

Note: Google meet will download before proceeding .

Meet Meeting Page

Step 3: Next it will ask for join and present ,click on Join to enter meeting dashboard and to inform ,you can click on present. If you are a meeting host, then you have to approve others for joining a meeting otherwise you need to approved by the host ,if you are member.

meeting Dashboard

Step4 : Now you can start the meeting ,if you want to enable video click on video icon and middle button is end meeting option , be careful when you are clicking on that button. You can view the participants in the meet , you can see the meeting details ,by clicking on left button ,it is as shown in the following image.

Meeting Details

The following image shows the participants list ,you can chat with them ,if they cannot able to talk.


How to Schedule Google Meet

If you want to schedule a meeting you can click on the “Schedule a meeting in the Google Calendar”Button ,which is shown below

Meeting Schedule

Once you click on the button ,it will take to you schedule page ,where you can schedule the meeting Google calendar, after words , a link will be generated ,that one need to be shared with people want to join the meeting.

Google Calender

Now you can give the title for the meeting , set the duration and set the notification for the meeting before 30 minutes .If you want to repeat the same meeting ,you can select it from the dropdown box. 

If you want to attach a file , you can do that , you can add description in the space provided to that.

Once you done ,click on the save button. 

Tada …. it’s done ,you scheduled a meeting in Meet.

Google Meet Chrome Extension

The google provide a chrome extension for the google meet to schedule the meeting in fast pace. The following images show step by step procedure to  add the chrome extension.

Step 1: Search for the extension in google , click on the first result

Chrome Extension

After clicking , you will take to you to the chrome extension installation , then click on the Button “Add to chrome”.


Meet Chrome

After installation ,it ask for the sign up process, after finishing that ,it is available in the chrome bar.


Google meet is one of the user friendly meeting software available today , so you can use the best of its feature for better learning.

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