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What are google Forms ?

Google forms are special type of files ,which are used to create the quiz for students , feed back about an event etc.

What is the advantages of Google forms?

The main advantages ,there is no need to use the extra software to use it , and it is very beneficial in academic usage.

In this post , I discuss in detail how to use the google forms  in step by step procedure.

How to use the google forms?

To use the google forms , we require only a gmail account . 

Step1: Open the google search engine and type the google forms and hot on search button , you will get the first result as google forms and click on that 

Google Forms

Step 2: After clicking the google forms search result , it will take  you to the home page of google forms. You can see the different options  among them you select  the go to google forms. 

How to do google forms sign in?

Google forms sign in

Step 3 : After clicking the forms ,it will ask for the gmail account login ,once logged in successfully, it will take you to the home page of google form ,which look like as follows.

Form Home Page

You can observe many templates of the forms like contact forms ,RSVP(plz respond) , party invites ,Event registration etc.. 

Step 5: In this case I will select the sample contact form and show how to fill .

Contact Forms

As you click on the template , you will get the form, which is as shown above , You can fill all the details and click on the button Send to send the registration form to the owner (who created this form) .


This page is visible only for the owner of the forms means who created this form  ,  he can see the number of responses (which is shown as 0).

He can stop accepting the responses by checking the button in the green color.

Step 6: After collecting all the responses we can export the results to the spreadsheets by clicking the green button(+).

The following image illustrates this:

Forms Spreadsheets

We can create a new spreadsheet or select the existing spreadsheets. But it will store in the google spreadsheets ,later you can download form it.

Final words

Google forms are one of the most popular software application from google , it is extensively used in the academic and in the industry. I will come up few more application to google forms.

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