Fusion drive vs SSD

Fusion Drive vs SSD


Fusion drive and SSD are two popular  secondary storage devices ,which are extensively used in the personal computer , in this post we will discuss Fusion Drive vs SSD in step by step procedure.

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Fusion Drive

One of the famous secondary storage devices used extensively by Apple Inc and other PC manufacturer . Fusion drive is better than HDD(Hard Disk Drive) and cheaper than SSD(Sold State Drive).

The good thing about Fusion drive is the cost and speed of booting the OS (Operating system)  ,It win the race against the HDD ,even though the cost of HDD is low compared to Fusion drive but others feature are best in Fusion drive. In addition to this ,it generates less noise and don;t heat up the device.

It is supported by Apple Macbook air version and it offer massive storage space compared to SSD in less price.

The ugly part in Fusion drive is the mechanical failures means the disk reading mechanism will be prone to broken very oftenly . 

The data recovery option is little bit expensive ,so it is often advisable to to keep the backup for the data. 

The example for different fusion drive are as follows:

SSD(Solid State Drive)

This is the current storage device widely adopted by Apple , DELL , etc . The reason to choose the SSD is it’s fastness and better data retrieval mechanism , means the disk reading movement is faster compared to other devices like HDD ,Fusion drive.

The disadvantage of SSD is cost , the cost of SSD is more compared to both HDD and Fusion drive but it offers better service compared to them.

The different example for SSD are as follows:

Samsung SSD

The following table summarizes the difference between them.

Fusion DriveSSD
Noise Is moreNoise is less
Cost is lessCost is high
Performance is good compared to HDDPerformance is best compared to HDD and Fusion drive
Mechanical Failure is frequentNo Mechanical Failure
Power consumption is morePower consumption is less

Final Words

Both Fusion drive and SSD has own advantages and disadvantages , depending upon the situation and work , we need to choose the right drive ,in this article I tried to give the difference between them ,if you like this article ,please share it among your friends and provide your feed back to this article.

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