Best 9 Equalizer app for Windows 10

Best 9 equalizer for Windows 10

If you are a music lover, then this post is for you, keep reading this post for equalizer configuration and top 9  equalizer for windows 10  with their pros and cons.

What is an equalizer?

If you were a windows user in early 2000 and late 1990 , you should have heard the name Winamp, yes it was one of the most used music players in windows.

An equalizer allows us to configure the sound according to our taste, below are some of the pictures of the WinAmp equalizer.


Windows 10 Equalizer configuration

In this section, we will discuss how to configure the Equalizer in windows 10.

Because on most Windows 10 systems, you can actually use an equalizer to adjust the system sound to your choice. It´s just not a built-in  Windows 10 audio equalizer.

If you search for a sound  equalizer in the audio settings of Windows 10, you won’t find anything good in Windows Mixer, Sound Settings, or Audio Options of Windows 10 i.

However, this is  doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on sound adjustments for less music quality.

The driver for the Realtek chipset, which is installed in the vast majority of Windows 10-systems  has a built in sound equalizer.

Before we can use it, the corresponding Realtek driver must be installed on our system. If this is not the case, you can download a recent  version of  Realtech sound chips here.

The detailed step by step instruction to configure the equalizer in windows 10 is as follows:

  1. Right-click on the sound icon in the bottom right of the desktop of windows 10.
  2. Click on the sound properties.
  3. Then click on “Device properties” just below the selector of the output device. 
  4. Open Additional device properties.
  5. This opens a page of the driver options for your Realtek driver software. There click on the “Enhancements” tab.
  6. There we can activate various sound effects and also the Windows 10 equalizer. Using “Setting” we can select different predefined sound profiles(equalizer) for music such as Pop, Live, Club, Rock, Bass, Treble, Vocal, Powerful Dance, Soft, Party, Classical, Jazz.
  7. Click the button to the right where three dots, you can alternatively open a graphic sound equalizer with the sliders for different frequency ranges.
  8. By using that Graphical control, you can set your own sound profile and set it for default.

Top 9 Windows 10 Equalizer

The Equalizer APO( Audio Processing Object):

Equalizer APO is a graphic equalizer for Windows. It is implemented as an Audio Processing Object (APO) for the system to affect the sound feature in windows vista.

Features of Equalizer APO is as follows  :

– it provides virtually unlimited number of filters

– works great on any number of channels

– requires  very low latency, which makes it suited for interactive applications in the windows operating system.

– it requires low CPU cycles 

– It provides a modular graphical user interface

– it gives VST plugin support

– it can be integrated into the Voicemeeter of the application.

It can  be installed in all the windows operating system like visat, 7,8 and 10.

The images of Equalizer APO is as follows:

Equalizer APO1

To download Equalizer APO , plz click here.

Equalizer Pro

 It is one of the most easy and good graphics enabled equalizers compared to other types.

This offers 10 band frequency option , we can set these 10 band for the best sound profile , it comes with 20 preset sound profile including the basic ten provided by windows .

This app also offers a preamp volume control. It means we can adjust a single band to boost low tones without needing to tweak each band individually.

Equalizer Pro is not free. But you can enjoy a seven-day trial, but thereafter you have to pay $19.95 for the license.

Equalizer Pro


You can download Equalizer Pro  here.


 Viper4windows is an open-source sound equalizer for windows. It is compatible with windows vista,7, and 8.

This equalizer offers 18 bands for a better sound profile, In addition to these, it also provides the following features:

  • Bass Boost: The Viper4windows offers an extra boost to the low sounds.
  • Distortion Control: we can choose control to control Distortion.
  • Reverberation Settings: Viper4Windows offers settings to control audio damping, density, bandwidth, decay, etc.
  • Room size: We can set the room size for listening,   Viper4windows set the sound according to the room size specified.


You can download Viper4windows .

Fx sound

The Fxsound is one of the best sound profile manager to boost the bass, volume and clarity of the sound in the windows 10.

The Fx sound provides different sound configuration for Games, Tv , Music and Video Games.

First, See  at the equalizer. It comes with 10 bands that range from 110Hz to 15KHz. There are also customizable sliders for fidelity , ambiance surround ,sound, dynamic boost , and bass boost. 

The preset profiles contains Rap, Alternative Rock, Dialog Boost, Country, Techno, and many more along with basic presets.

The Fxsound uses the 32bit processor for the sound processing whereas the internet audio uses the 16bit processor.



To download the Fx sound click here.

Voicemeter Banana


The main feature of this app is an advanced audio mixer, it allows to configure the audio during playing and recording.

It is free, no need to pay for the software. it is usually the best choice for the sound during podcasting and recording the audio, like many other sound apps, it also comes with an equalizer and a number of presets.



You can Voicemeter Banana app download here.

Boom 3D


This app comes with 3D audio technology for both mac and windows users.

This software is mainly designed for people who listen to their computer sound through headphones.

It will convert all  audio output into 3D surround sound without any extra hardware or boosters. The equalizer comes with 31 bands and many preset for the easy configuration of the sound.

Boom 3D


You can download it here.

Bongiovi DPS

The Bongiovi DPS  provides  one of the best sound quality experience for the user for all occasions, the feature of this is as follows:

  • Provides a new Graphical User Interface
  • Frequency Visualizer for easy setting
  • Allows Stereo Enhancement Controls for better sound quality
  • More control with updated Bass and Treble EQ for good experience .
Bengiovi DPS


You can download it here.


EarTrumpet is a powerful volume control application  for Windows, which is more popular for the easy usage, it’s features are listed below:
Controls default audio device with two clicks

  • Matches the look and feel of Windows
  • Supports moving apps between playback devices
  • Integrated with Feedback Hub for better sound quality
  • Controls classic and modern app volumes in the system.


Ear Trumpet


To Download the Ear Trumpet click here.

Wavepad Audio


Wavepad Audio is an audio editing software supported by both mac and windows user, along with providing sound quality configuration, it allows to edit the recordings of the sound or podcast. 

 The feature are as follows :

  • Supports almost all formats of mp3 and video. 
  • Provide many sound editing tools like copy,cut,paste,delete,insert ,auto-trim.
  • Provides many audio effects like amplify, normalize, equalizer, envelope, reverb, echo, reverse.
  • Provides Batch processing facility.
  • Edit the audio file from the video file.
  • Provides advanced tools like speech synthesis, spectral analysis, and voice changer.


Wavepad audio

Final words


To boost the audio performance in windows, there are plenty of audio apps that are available, in this article I discussed a few, I will add more in the future.

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