Web hosting 4 life

Web hosting 4 life : Best web hosting Services in 2020


Web hosting 4 life manly discuss the nead of web hosting in the internet world . 

The first question strike in our mind is : 

What is web hosting? Why it is required ? 

Web hosting is a space required to store our web pages in the internet. This is the answer for the first question . 

For second question , to access our files ,we require the place to store , the web hosting is going to solve this problem.

In the market , many companies are present  , which offer hosting services to customers in different plans  depending on  the customer requirement. 

We will list out all the major web hosting provider one by one.

Different Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting 4 life

It is one of the new  web hosting service provider company ,which different provides range of services  like MS hosting,server hosting ,unix hosting and Advanced MS hosting at 9.50$ per month. For more information please click here.

Site Ground

 This is my first choice for web hosting ,since it provides  less than 3 $ per month with unlimited website hosting for 20GB . Free SSL will be provided along with maximum up time for the website. Please  click here to know more details.


This is another emerging hosting service provider with some cool features , the striking features is it’s wordpress based hosting plan is less than 2 $ . We get a free domain if we purchase any plan , SSL and a daily backup facility will be available only on some higher plans. I have been using this for the past 2 years , it is great . The customer support is super , they are always present to help you. To know more about Hostinger ,please click here.

Blue Host

It is the most popular web hosting company having maximum customers ,agina the plans and features are very competitive compared to siteground and hostinger . 

The enhanced cPanel is really easy to use and offers fast access to features.

The security features are excellent in Bluehost.

The different plans and feature are listed here.

Host gator

Host gator provides tough competition to above listed services , it’s striking features are

  • Easy Cpanel
  • 99.9 % uptime
  • Unlimited disk storage.
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • 45 days money back guarantee.

WPX hosting

WPX is a little bit costlier compared to others ,but it’s features like automated backup , easy C panel, Free CDN and good support system  make it as number one choice in blogger community. For information click here.


In a nutshell, I prefer to use Hostinger or Bluehost ,because of the price and uptime . Since other web services are also good, please send a query regarding this article and comment about any new web hosting service .

Thanking you

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