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how to use zoom for meeting

Zoom tutorial in 2020

How to use zoom for meeting in 2020 Introduction In this pandemic time , all most all like education , …
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How to schedule google meet

Google Meet Tutorial

Tutorial and Usage Introduction Google Meet is one of the most popular online ¬†meeting software available in the market today …
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Hyperlink Removal

How to remove hyperlink in excel

What is a hyperlink? Before understating how to remove hyperlink in excel , first we need to understand the meaning …
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what is a processor

Introduction Processor is the heart of the micro computer i,e Laptop ,Desktop, iPad and Mobile Phones. This processor is made …
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Hyperlink in HTML

Hyperlink in the HTML and it’s Usage

Introduction What is a hyperlink An hyperlink is a common term in HTML or in any markup language , the …
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Online Teaching

5 Different Tools used for Online teaching

Introduction Online Teaching is one of the oldest platform for teaching , it originated when internet is available to the …
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Commerce Students

Best Courses after 12th for Commerce Students

Introduction After finishing the 12th standard ,what is next ? Most of the people dreamed of becoming engineer or doctor …
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Difference between IPv4 and IPv6

Introduction What is IP (Internet Protocol)? Internet Protocol is used to specify the technical format of packets and the addressing …
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Android Version Names from A to Z (From 1.5 to 10)

Android Operating system The different versions of androids are discussed in this post . Android is the most popular mobile …
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What is a Natural Number and it’s Applications

Introduction A natural number is a number which is greater than 0 , the value of natural numbers range from …
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